Welcome to Eurocount

Eurocount Consulting (UK) Ltd is a firm of Chartered Accountants and Business advisers.
There are no effective controls without measurement, every business should be able to
measure and control both its income and expenses and should understand that its accounting
information performs both control and measurement functions.

For the experienced business manager getting the right accounting information might not be challenging,
but for the less experienced business manager producing accounting, taxation and other information
can be quite daunting.
Whatever your accounting requirements, be it basic or advanced accounting, simple or complex management accounting,
industry specific or general accounting functions, all we ask of you is to contact us and your challenge(s) are as good as solved.

Adequately prepared financial accounting information is the foundation upon which management information can be built.
Management accounting assist managers to set quantifiable goals and work towards its attainment, it assist managers to
plan for the future.

Taxation is an important tool for the government of any country to raise revenue. For businesses,
including sole trader/entrepreneurs taxation is the amount that has to be paid when a business makes profit,
where no profit is made there is no liability for taxation.