About Us

We have grown from strength to strength over the years, our organisation is being restructured to be more relevant

to the current business and technological climate.

From inception, we have prided ourselves in being able to find solutions to the challenges of  our numerous clients,

our clientele includes business from various works of life, from  opticians to restaurateurs, civil engineers, mechanical engineers,

software developers, medical practitioners, event organisers and charitable organisations to mention but a few.

We assist our clients identify and separate essential business functions from non-essential business functions so that they

may focus on the delivery of the more important products/ services.

We at Eurocount Consulting realise that every business is a system, and for a system to have the desired result, the component parts,

i.e. the essential business functions must deliver, the whole is dependent on the parts, for a business to meet its objectives all the

parts needs to work efficiently and effectively.

Each and every member of our team is experienced and qualified to carry out all consultancy from start to finish depending on the

scope of work to be carried out, more than one consultant might be required, we guarantee job satisfaction for every client we take on, professionalism and integrity are our watch words.